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6 Steps To Measure & Track Instagram Growth

Are you just posting to post? STOP. You’ll never see growth if you aren’t tracking your metrics… your HARD-EARNED metrics. Monitoring your brand’s performance on Instagram doesn’t have to be daunting. It’s actually simple to track your data and analytics. We’re sharing 6 steps to measure and track your account’s Instagram growth. Follow these simple steps for just one month and you’ll soon understand what motivates your audience, sales, and how to improve your content strategy!

  1. Take out your Notes app and type this:
  • Followers
  • Interactions (likes, comments)
  • Impressions
  • Reach
  1. Open Instagram (Business account) and tap on Insights > Activity:

a) Write down the totals of each item in your notes.

  1. Tap on Insights > Audience:

a) Write down your total number of followers.

b) Instagram provides these stats for your account weekly—so make sure you set a reminder to check back 7 days from now!

  1. Write down your 3 top-performing posts for over the last two weeks.
  2. Do you see similarities or trends happening? Was it a video or image? Did you have a short or long caption? Did you use emojis or hashtags? Record these!
  3. Repeat these steps next week and compare your results to the previous week. Use your findings to create your strategy for the next month! Focus on where you see your audience more engaged and active with your content. 💯

If you’re finding it overwhelming, we’re here to help. You can send us a message on our Instagram page or call us at 1.844.200.2525.


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