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Beacon’s Social Media Strategy Guide

By: Kirstin Venn, Account Manager

Overview: If you’re looking to build a community around your brand and start conversations, Facebook is the platform for you. If you add value to your follower’s lives, they’ll, in turn, promote your brand.

Strategy: Posting 1 post per day is recommended to keep your page active and engaged. Text, image, and video content all work well on this platform and publishing too many product or website-related posts and links is not recommended.

Content: When creating content for Facebook, first ask yourself what kind of posts you react to on social media and then check out what your favorite business pages and competitors are doing. Facebook users want content they can relate to and engage with — that’s why posts that add value to their lives or spark a reaction will produce the best results. Facebook advertising is recommended for most business pages and can be particularly effective if managed correctly.

Engagement: While “likes” are great, the interaction you’re really aiming for is a “comment” or even better, a “share,” as this will help with organic growth. Interacting with fans and followers daily is encouraged.

Overview: Twitter is largely used as a tool to share thoughts, follow celebrities, keep up with news and connect with influencers. With Twitter’s short character cap, an insightful thought or inspirational quip does well.

Strategy: The mistake many brands make is sharing the same post at the same time across all platforms. Content should be tailored to each platform, and even if the message of the post is the same, you can shorten tweets and add a punchy hashtag to gain visibility and join trending conversations that relate to your brand. Posting 1-3 times daily is recommended for this platform.

Content: Sharing news and links to an article/blog is also acceptable on this platform. We recommend tweeting daily, adding one to two carefully thought out hashtags to your tweets and trying to incorporate images and video into your content.

Engagement: Engaging with your audience is a must for all platforms. Responding to followers is important and liking and retweeting content in line with your brand daily is essential.

Overview: Instagram is an interesting platform because all your content needs to be visually pleasing. Posting only pictures and videos of products won’t gain you lots of followers. This is one platform where you can really get creative and form an identity for your brand.

Strategy: We suggest posting on Instagram 1-2 times per day. Instagram affords content creators the ability to showcase a different side of their business/products and showcase their creative side, even if the company is a corporate. Making use of hashtags and stories will increase visibility for your page.

Content: The sky is the limit with Instagram content. Take people behind the scenes, or show your audience the assembly of your product, as long as it’s done in an interesting way. It’s also a great way to get your team involved by sharing fun work photos and events. Inspirational posts on creative backgrounds, food posts, interesting angles, and live videos do well on this platform. We recommend sticking to a specific look and feel with your content and adding 7–15 carefully chosen hashtags to your content.

Engagement: Make sure to engage with your audience and make use of Instagram Stories on a daily basis. You should also be liking and commenting on posts that relate to your brand and sharing like-minded content through your stories. Don’t forget to create highlights so that your stories can be viewed by your audience after they expire.

Overview: You may view LinkedIn as the platform that individuals only use when they’re looking for a new job, and companies only use when hiring, but that doesn’t mean there’s no value in the platform.

Strategy: LinkedIn is imperative for companies as it allows you to connect with other business leaders and owners in your area of expertise, as well as showcase your achievements, milestones and company events. Posting 3–5 times per week is acceptable (preferably Monday-Friday).

Content: Where you might shy away from posting company updates and industry news on other social media platforms, LinkedIn is the perfect place for this content type. We suggest tailoring your LinkedIn page to showcase your brand as thought-leaders in your space, and we suggest sharing blog posts, milestones, company position changes, leadership quotes, original research, statistics, and quick tips and lists – preferably with an eye-catching image or video to get the most out of this platform.

Engagement: Make sure to monitor your LinkedIn profile for comments like you would with any other platforms and connect with clients and businesses in your field of expertise. You never know when a collaboration might occur and if your LinkedIn profile showcases your company as a whole, potential employees will see first-hand what kind of company culture you exhibit.


Social media is all about having a solid strategy and curating content that really resonates with your followers. Beacon exists to shine a light on your brand by developing relationships with our clients and their audiences online. If you’d like a social media audit and strategy, let’s chat!