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Coming Back Stronger, and Better Than Before

Coming Back Stronger, and Better Than Before

Written By: Forrest Haag, Managing Director – Marketing

The central theme of resurrection has been on my mind recently, obviously because it’s Easter, but also because of the unique situation we happen to be in right now. So, I asked a handful of people what resurrection means to them to see what kind of answers I got. The answers varied of course. As today is Good Friday, the natural answer was an answer of faith and centered around Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection. Given we’re living in a pandemic, I also got a unique set of answers I probably normally wouldn’t have otherwise received. There were of course, also a handful of comedians in the group who wanted to resurrect anything that involved being out of quarantine. For others, I witnessed what wasn’t just a shift in perspective, but a shift in consciousness and awareness, and that was inspiring to see.

“Being reborn from death like a phoenix from the ashes.”

It was clear that all forms of resurrection are very big, there’s no small version. Go big or go home, right? Even the smallest forms of resurrection were still illustrated in grandiose examples. Whether it was in reference to a person, a business or a fly, the idea of resurrection seemed the same, it was always a matter of black or white, life or death, activity or not. What was being resurrected though, held different meaning to everyone in my little focus group. Resurrection was about beginning again, with things like relationships, and behaviors, beliefs, routines, emotions and more.

A simple google search on the word resurrection quickly brings up images, websites and the concept of Jesus Christ. But whether you’re a believer or not, there is an opportunity here to experience your own resurrection and rise from your own ashes and simply begin again. Covid’s got us practicing awareness, locked in our homes and lost in our thoughts, so what are you now aware of that you can you begin again with?

From the basic levels of awareness:

Wash your hands! Who knew? After this, awareness level just went from 0 to extreme.

To the mindfully many:

Give up what you can’t control and be aware of the situation, surroundings and how to act.

And into our growth zone:

Look for ways to adapt new changes and further develop while holding an emotionally happy state.

This Easter Sunday as we #stayhome with those few nearest and dearest to us (and video chat with others), I urge you to think, what are you now aware of and how can you begin again coming out of quarantine? Is it a new workout routine? A new belief system? An old belief system? This is prime opportunity to take an inside look at who we are as people, as co-workers as husbands and wives, and level up our game. Level up in our jobs, in our relationships, with our families, as friends and in our faith.


The world is shifting, now is the time to shift too.

Be well.