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There’s Money Available for NonProfits and Beacon Wants You to Have It!

Written by: Ginger Marks, Social Media Manager

We are right there with you. We are all right in the middle of the revenue, business and employee loss, due to COVID-19. Whether you are a small business, large business, or a nonprofit organization, you have taken a hit. But there are options.

Today, we want to focus on nonprofits specifically. Here at Beacon, A BrandStar Company, we are experts in what your nonprofit needs. More donors to raise funds, more volunteers to share your mission, and more campaigns to raise awareness of your cause. Ultimately, we would like to help you with all three of those; and with the help of Google, we can. Despite what COVID-19 may have forced you to do with your funds, there is money available to you that we can help you get and it’s called a Google Grant.

During crisis, nonprofits are often on the minds of people who wish to do their part to combat the issues in the world. So, whether you are directly working with those on the frontlines of this disease or are working to save children who need fostering in your community, audiences cannot help but give back to a need close to their hearts. While you are dealing with some internal downturn, and increased workload, allow us to come in and work to get you up to $10,000 free advertising money from Google to help gain your momentum back during these tough times. Beacon offers two plans, the basic plan as low as $1,500 that provides account set up, campaign management, and reporting of your Google Grant campaign. It is set it and forget it with this plan with the goal to keep your account maintained to continue receiving the extra $10,000 a month. The second plan, or full plan for $2,000 includes the same three steps mentioned in the basic, but includes a more strategic approach with your keywords and campaigns to ensure they are working the hardest for you the money you are receiving.

As long as you are a certified 501 ©(3), this Grant is available to you. All we need from you is your:

  1. EIN
  2. 501(c)(3) tax exemption from
  3. Login to Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

Take the next step with Beacon and contact us today to get started. A grant process has never been easier! With our analytics and data, we will be able to increase your donor list and gain more awareness for your cause in no time. With Beacon at the helm of your campaign, you won’t be steered wrong.