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Introducing Beacon – A BrandStar Company

In January 2017, we started our new journey when we merged with South Florida Company, BrandStar Inc. It’s not always easy to tell your team you’re merging with another company, and that it’s going to be great. The word “merger” doesn’t necessarily give off happy vibes. BUT, not only did this enable us the ability to provide new services, but it gave us a fresh start. Ever since that day, this team has wanted to become a new name. Establish a full mission and vision. Begin again.

And so we did.

Media Connect Partners, LLC is now Beacon – A BrandStar Company. The process started on January 31, 2019, with what we call a “BrandStorming Session.” We set out to find out what our personality is, who our customers are, and who we really want to be. All the ideas came from this team. We shared our thoughts, ideas, and feelings together in one room to help create our new branding.

From there, we isolated our main goals and put our mission and vision on paper (or since we’re digital, on PowerPoint☺). With the help of our stellar creative team, we came up with logo options. The research was completed by this team. The name ideas were created by this team. The mission and vision statements were put together by this team. The options were then presented to the entire BrandStar company at our quarterly all-hands meeting in July. Our final logo was voted on TOGETHER.

January 2017 may have been scary at first, but almost three years later, we realize that being a part of BrandStar gives us great connections to people who care about our brand, our success and our team. Plus, we officially have access to the already busy ecosystem of content creation and content delivery that BrandStar offers in its services.

This team has been through a lot. But through it all, we relied on God and each other. This team is the team that never left. And there’s still room for us to grow.

Why don’t you come along with us?

This team can’t wait to work alongside you and your brand!

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